Active Assurance

Active testing provides rapid identification and localization of service and network issues at all points from the core to the edge ensuring the highest quality of service to your subscribers. Understanding and knowing the quality of your customer experience is the role of the Active Assurance solutions from Tektronix. Active testing for fixed, VoIP, and mobile network operators complements Tektronix’ market-leading network monitoring systems. The Active Assurance test solutions for voice, video, and fax, provide active troubleshooting, provisioning, and automated service quality monitoring that accurately reflects the real subscriber-experience.

Active Assurance Product Suite

Direct Quality

With the Tektronix Direct Quality system you can quickly peer into your network and analyze the quality of service for your network and beyond. Direct Quality simplifies business-level decisions by providing complete service level test automation from test call generation to IP QoS troubleshooting. The Web-based OSS features color-coded service level thresholds for reporting, alarming and analysis. Guarantees service levels of any trunk, route, VoIP peering partner, access link or carrier by monitoring their QoS status through testing, fault management and advanced drill-through reporting. Assure the quality of TDM, IP, cable, xDSL and wireless networks and your triple-play offerings with a single, integrated solution.

Power Probes for Hub and Core

Echo, Noise, Clipping, and Speech distortion are examples of KPIs that can be accurately measured with modern test equipment. While customer complaints need to be taken seriously, they are often too vague to diagnose an issue (“The line sounds choppy” or “There’s a robotic voice sound…”). Now you can take a proactive approach and diagnose your network before your customer complains. The Tektronix PowerProbe™ 6000, PowerProbe™ 500, and PowerProbe™ 50 are valuable during all operational phases: Network deployment, monitoring, and service. • Deploy: “Day of Installation” On-Demand testing • Monitor: 24 / 7 Proactive verification to identify transient service issues • Service: Customer Care applications to reduce customer churn

The PP6000, PP500, and PP50 conduct test calls that give an accurate picture of the customer experience on and off network. This Service Level Test Management system can be used for Voice, VoIP, Fax, Video IP Core, TDM, Cable, and Wireless (e.g. Cellular, WiMAX, WiFi) environments.

Power Probes for Field Testing

Need a field portable, cost-effective service quality tester that performs over 60 speech quality tests in less than one minute? The PowerProbe 30 slips easily into your tool belt, and the Pass / Fail results are easy to interpret. The PowerProbe 30 Service Level responder is the world’s smallest comprehensive test solution for VoIP / VoCable / VoDSL service delivery testing and troubleshooting. Tests can be initiated from the Tektronix DirectQuality R7 test automation OSS using a laptop. Field technicians however, also have the option to initiate On Demand testing with their mobile phone handsets or PDAs using Tektronix’ SMSDQ or PocketDQ respectively. Save time, ensure a quality VoIP installation, and simplify troubleshooting.