Customer Assurance Products

Our Customer Assurance products provides you with enterprise-focused applications and front-line troubleshooting tools that keep your customers satisfied with your stellar service. You can improve profitability and achieve organizational efficiencies with these tools that proactively look for problems in your network that could create customer complaints. You can keep your high value accounts happy while improving customer care response systems.

Customer Assurance Product Suite


Clients are the most important people in any business. So, how do you satisfy your customers? Our Beamer product line is an ideal way to start. You can gain real-time visibility into the service delivery performance of your high-value corporate customers. Then you can easily attain organizational efficiencies and improve the retention rates of your most desirable and profitable clients.

On Demand

Reduce the time and costs associated with addressing customer support calls with the On-Demand product. Tektronix’ On-Demand product arms your mobile operator’s Customer Support personnel with information at the critical point of engagement—when the customer calls to report a problem. Incorporating the On-Demand product into your support organization’s process can minimize the time spent on the phone diagnosing problems, accelerate resolution activities and reduce the overall operational costs associated with customer care. The ability to see different views – basic, advanced and records – with the same query allows network operation engineers to switch between views eliminating the need to re-run queries and reducing the amount of time to troubleshoot the problem.


Today's handsets offer subscribers more capabilities than ever before. From email and instant messaging to Internet surfing and photo sharing, mobile subscribers are staying connected—no matter where work and family commitments may take them. A complement to Tektronix' Beamer offering, Roamer delivers a tool set to proactively manage the "roaming" experience. Focused on tracking voice and data activity and performance for all subscribers by inbound and outbound roaming partners, Roamer aides in reducing churn, maximizing high value "visitor" revenue streams and improving roaming partner relationships.