Service Assurance Products

With Service Assurance products, carriers can proactively manage intra and inter-network service performance as well as administer service portfolio lifecycles. Through proactive monitoring and management of fixed, mobile and converged network services you can sustain high levels of quality within your network and adjoining networks. Visibility of user content is coupled with guided actionable paths connecting service-impacting issues with individual transactions. View and respond to end-to-end performance occurring between network and service entities in real time.

Service Assurance product Suite

- Orion for Fixed Networks - Orion for fixed networks

Ensures and profits from high-performance standards for IN services. Orion for Fixed Networks offers applications designed for early notification of service-affecting issues. Interconnection and voice service performance management applications are now part of the converged network offering.

Understands how your system is delivering services with Tektronix' comprehensive Orion product line. Fixed carriers can manage service performance with real-time, end-to-end visibility. Administer service portfolio life cycles and isolate service problems quickly.

Orion for Mobile Networks

Gives network operations and service product management personnel real-time visibility into service delivery performance for advanced mobile voice and data services. With a more complete view of intra- and inter-network activity mobile carriers can make informed decisions that can increase call completions, optimize the use of the network and market mobile services with the best value combination of price and quality.

Orion for Fixed Networks

Designed to match service providers' network and OSS transformation initiatives, Orion for Converged Networks offers a complete end-to-end view of service level performance across networks and technologies. Customizable GUIs offer an array of specific performance indicators for targeted assessment of service status and advanced drill-through capabilities for swift investigation of underlying network issues. Orion for Converged Networks is delivered on the advanced Unified Assurance platform designed to maximize flexibility, scalability and usability. This UACN framework incorporates the features currently supported by Unified Assurance applications with advanced capabilities to better support the business, analytics and operational needs of service providers.