The company is known as Broadband Communications Network ltd. It is the head office and is located along crescent lane, Kalson Towers opp. Mp shah hospital in Parklands.


Broadcom Networks Consultancy Service PLC (Ethiopia), is a local branch of Broadband Group locally incorporated in Ethiopia. It is wholly owned by the parent company -Broadband Communication Network

1st Floor, Lideya Plaza, Wollo Sefer, Ethio-China Road, Off Bole Road

Contact us - info@broadcom.et , sales@broadcom.et , phone no. +251 97 807 7800


Broadcom ltd is our sister company in Tanzania located in Dar es salam at Salasala.
Broadcom Ltd
P.O BOX 34624
Dar es Salaam

South Sudan

We have an entity registered in South Sudan


BroadGreen Ltd, is the trade name of the Broadband family in Zambia